• New updated versions!

    We have updated our harvester heads. New series of harvester heads are based on our "old" good models which modular frame structure allows us to build up grapples for different purposes.

  • Felling heads

    Moipu-L-felling head series are simple but effective heads without accumulation or feeding.

  • Accumulation heads

    Moipu Accumulation grapples are ideal for collecting energy trees, but there is no need for feeding.

  • Feeding Heads

    Moipu F-head series is designed for thinning; energy wood and integrated harvesting. Also higher thinning and final felling is possible with larger head models.
    F-series can be equipped with a wide range of length-measuring devices, as well as the thickness, color marking, stump treatment, etc.

  • Improve harvester effectiveness by using Moipu -feed rollers

    Moipu feed rollers reduce the damage to tree trunks and even reduce the fuel consumption of the harvester! (Test Results: Finnish Forest Research Institute Metla)

  • Moipu Sorter

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